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Leading remote teams to peak motivation

So you successfully managed to move your team to working remotely?  Well done. Unfortunately, that’s only half the leadership challenge. The critical question for you as a leader is: How do you keep your team members who are working from home truly motivated? You see when we work from home our mindset drifts into tactical mode. It's a very natural thing to do. Tactical mode, as in-house legal & compliance professionals, means we tend to prioritise only our core tasks when we work from home - answering legal or compliance queries from our business colleagues, or drafting contracts or compliance documentation etc. At 6 or 7pm, after a day of fielding and completing a flurry of tactical queries and tasks,...

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Legal & Compliance Bots (Not)

Lawyers & Compliance professionals cannot simply just be “botsourced”. Artificial Intelligence coupled with Human Skill is the way forward.  Many leaders believe that AI is a “plug and play” technology investment that will consistently break the earnings dam. However, a very recent five year long study published in the HBR, concludes in fact that the secret to AI success is actually people.   The study studied those organisations like Google, Apple, Zappos etc., who lead in the AI field.  These companies are regarded as having the best AI technology.   But, it is only when they augmented the AI machine power with human skill that they have been able to capture the full benefits or impact of AI.    So, turns out that...

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City Employers Plan a Lasting Switch to Remote Working

Many City employers are planning a lasting switch to remote working. This includes some of the major banks, asset managers & Insurers. Who has announced what so far → Schroders -- have updated their policies to allow staff to work from home most of the time. UBS -- “there will be more working from home, we will see more flexible work arrangements.” Virgin Money -- back office staff will not be returning to their workplaces. NatWest Group -- most staff will not be returning to the office till early next year. Standard Life Aberdeen -- most staff will not be returning to the office till early next year. Lloyds Banking Group -- around 50000 of its 63000 UK Staff are...

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