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Remote Working May Not Be So Good For Junior Lawyers

Many people in today’s covid crazy World are talking about endless possibilities and the positives of remote working. The most obvious advantage is saving the time, stress (and money) of the daily commute.  For some folk that can be as much as 2 hours a day.  This is time that you can spend on doing more work, better quality work, relaxation, family & friends. And of course, being able to get the door for that all important Amazon delivery or putting on a load of washing to free up some of your weekend. However, in all this positive chatter it does sometimes feel like we are all trying to square a circle.  We somehow end up not speaking about the...

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8 Secrets to creating the best candidate experience so that you get your candidate

The candidate experience is very often the least thought through part of the recruiting process. It should not really be like that. Because most top tier firms like yours will be chasing the very same finite pool of brilliant lawyers. Sitting down, thinking through and creating the most amazing candidate experience will give you the edge. Time again, it will deliver you your candidate over competing firms. The “candidate experience” is the feeling a candidate gets following their interactions with you during your entire recruitment process.  This includes all points of contact during the recruitment process. This overall feeling is very powerful and determines how connected a candidate feels to your law firm. Remember people buy feelings. Recruitment is a...

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Do Your Associates Make it Home For Bath Time?

Depending on their ages, let us assume an average bath time of 7 PM for younger children in the UK. For many parents getting home for bath time is special. Others need to split a bottle of Red with their partners just to get through it. Legal Cheek conducted a survey of average leaving times for around 100 law firms. How did your firm fare? Highlights     → Survey reached out to 2500 Trainees and Junior Associates at just under 100 law firms. →Top 10 of the late leavers are dominated by the London offices of white shoe US Law firms. →Top 10 of the early leavers are dominated by regional firms.  → The latest average leaving times were between...

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