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7 shocking facts about what disabled lawyers have had to deal with!

This will make extremely uncomfortable reading for all of us. Especially those of us who are disabled and or who have a close family member or friend who is disabled. 7 shocking facts about what disabled lawyers have had to deal with!     Gaslighting is very common towards disabled lawyers at some of the major global law firms. City Lawyers are being forced to take sick leave because reasonable adjustments are not being put in place. Much is being done on gender, bit less on race, and a bit less on LGBT and disability just does not seem to be featuring. Law students are being told by careers advisers not to disclose disabilities when applying for training contracts. Half of...

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Your Competitors are Always Going to Come After Your Best People

People Steal People.How do you protect your top lawyers? Your competitors are always going to come after your best Lawyers. Law firms overwhelmingly depend on the intellect of their Lawyers.Firms with outstanding intellectual horsepower dominate the rankings, win and keep clients. So it makes absolute sense to protect your top talent.You need to do this by recognising and delivering to their needs a.k.a “making them happy” Here are 3 things you should be doing to stop your talented lawyers going across the road.1. Let Lawyers LawyerMost of your best lawyers have earned that title because they are brilliant legal minds and tremendous generators of business.You know who they are.Though, what they probably are not, are willing and effective managers.In these...

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Clients Are Getting BIG on Diversity When Hiring Law Firms

We all know that getting serious about Diversity & Inclusion makes a lot of sense for a law firm.  What we may not know is that clients are starting to proactively screen law firms for their diversity track record before retaining them.  Increasing numbers of legal departments are setting the minimum diversity bar they expect from outside law firms before hiring you. It is no longer just about the strength of the Partner to client relationship, legal capability, standing in legal directories and or past performance.  In short, if you want to win business from these clients, you need to be a winner in Diversity.   For example:  Intel is planning to no longer work with law firms whose equity partnership...

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