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8 Secrets to creating the best candidate experience so that you get your candidate

The candidate experience is very often the least thought through part of the recruiting process.

It should not really be like that.

Because most top tier firms like yours will be chasing the very same finite pool of brilliant candidates. 

Sitting down, thinking through and creating the most amazing candidate experience will give you the edge.

Time again, it will deliver you your candidate over competing companies.

The “candidate experience” is the feeling a candidate gets following their interactions with you during your entire recruitment process. 

This includes all points of contact during the recruitment process.

This overall feeling is very powerful and determines how connected a candidate feels to your firm.

Remember people buy feelings.

Recruitment is a very unforgiving business because the results you get are almost always disproportionate to your effort.

You could get 95% of the candidate experience right and not get the candidate because it was that missing 5% that was important to her.

Whereas, if you got it 100% right then you would most likely end up winning the next 10 candidates.         

Here are 8 things you should consider when designing you winning candidate experience:
☑️ Communicate upfront your overall interview process.
Let candidates know how many stages there will be (2-3 etc), how many people they will meet at each stage and when a decision will be made. Candidates like not being in the dark and will like that you have a slick and polished process.
☑️No Changes.
Try not to make any changes to the process once you have communicated it. It will take the shine away.
☑️Don’t skimp on travel or accommodation.
If you're bringing them in from out of town, get them the very best travel and accommodation options you're allowed to. Business class, swanky hotels and or upgraded rooms are an easy way to show them that you are taking them seriously.
☑️Minimise their effort and out of pocket expenses.
Try to book and pay for the entire visit upfront yourselves. For some reason, it irks candidates when they are told to book, pay for and reclaim later their interview expenses. Given the choice, a candidate always eagerly schedules the “all paid for upfront” interview over the one she has to reclaim expenses. It’s psychological and an easy win if you can do it.
☑️Polished schedule & polished people.
Make sure the interviews run on time in a polished manner. Make sure that all of the interviewers have their game face on and never seem agitated or in a rush. Interviews running late, candidates kept waiting, interviewers overly stressed or in a rush are always rotten experiences for candidates.
☑️"Shock & Awe”. 
Depending on the seniority of the candidate, organise for the most senior available person to stop by the interview room for a few minutes. "Hi Julie...I heard you would be in today. I just wanted to stop by and say Hi. How have they been treating you?". This does wonders to give the candidate a boost. Again a very sure sign to them that you take them seriously.
☑️Collect a “titbit”.
Charge each of your interviewers to subtly make a mental note of something the candidate likes or enjoys. E.g. football team, favourite foods, favourite drink, upcoming special occasion etc. You can use that appropriately in a follow up call or message to the candidate. She will be hugely impressed that it was remembered.
☑️Buy them a drink.
Once the interview day is over, offer to take them for a drink to unwind and chat socially.