Legal, Compliance & Finance Recruitment

Leadership Team

Ella Cobb | Founder & Managing Director
Ella is the Founder & Managing Director of 3R Search.
Since founding our firm, her focus has been on building relationships with leading professional services firms. She believes that our long term success rests upon always producing extraordinary results for our clients and candidates and by dealing with everyone with absolute integrity.     
Ella is a former management consultant. She spent just under 10 years with a leading consultancy advising multinational listed corporations on workforce strategy.
Ella has a B.B.A in Business Administration from SUNY at Buffalo and is based in in Albany, New York    
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Caleb Young | Director of Finance Recruiting

Caleb is responsible for our finance recruiting team.

Our finance recruiting team are experts in executing searches focusing on the Chief Financial Officer of an organisation and her direct reports. 
The team continues to successfully execute searches at this level across multiple industries and across the major finance functions: accounting, strategic financial management and audit. 
Caleb is a former former management consultant. He spent just under 9 years with a leading consultancy advising US based corporations on workforce strategy.
Caleb has a B.S in Economics from the University of Michigan and is based in Austin, Texas.
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Hemendra.K Rai | Director of Legal & Compliance Recruiting 
Hemendra is responsible for both our legal & compliance recruiting teams.  
These teams have the capability to deliver on the most challenging client searches.

They are also capable of providing legal & compliance professionals with the best of class support they expect in finding their new job opportunity.
Hemendra has 15 years experience in the recruitment industry during which he has built successful niche recruitment teams and brands.
He also has extensive hands on experience in delivering best in class recruiting services to clients.
Hemendra has a B.A in Politics with Economics and an LL.B in Law from the University of London and he is based in London. 
Hemendra can be reached on