Legal, Compliance & Finance Recruitment


"To me, a good recruiter is someone who knows their space well, is an ambassador for your firm and never looks to square a circle. 3R has always helped us hire great lawyers. Many of them have gone on to make Partner and are recognised leaders in their practice areas within the region”.

Director of Recruiting, Offshore Law Firm

"3R is very nimble. They will take your lead and get involved in as much as you want them to in the recruitment life cycle. They sense when to step back and when to step in again. You can't just teach that kind of subtlety”

General Counsel, Multi-Strat Hedge Fund, USA

"I have been involved in hiring for over 2 decades. In that time, I have used many headhunters. For the most part, my experiences have been disappointing. However, dealing with 3R has been very different. I am always impressed with their precision. Every candidate I meet through them has had the real potential of being hired. You are never wasting valuable time meeting low delta prospects. In fact, I have taken 3R with me to my new jobs and organisations.”

Global Head of Human Resources, US Firm

"Our success is entirely dependent on finding brilliant people to come and work in our organisation. 3R is one of our most valuable tools in doing that. Thank you" 

CEO, Investment Management Firm, London. 

"A good recruiter allows you to save time (and money) without compromising on the calibre of talent you hire. 3R helped me hire 4 senior lawyers, across our various practice areas, in the past 6 months" 

Recruiting Manager, Offshore Law Firm, BVI

"As a small organisation, we are very serious about maintaining our culture as we grow. We pay as much attention to that as we do to skills & experience. Over the years, 3R has done a great job of getting into our DNA and making sure we only ever met with candidates who share our values"

Chief Operating Officer, Family Office, Geneva.  

"We have, what many would consider to be a very high intellectual bar in terms of hiring. I have never felt that I had wasted my time meeting a candidate introduced by 3R"

Member & Global Head of Infrastructure, Private Equity Firm, New York 

“3R was a fantastic asset when we decided to set up a local finance function for our US business. We hired all but one of our new team through them”

Chief Financial Officer, FTSE 250 Corporation

"Over the past two years or so, we've worked with 3R on multiple searches for our London & Asia-Pacific Offices. Each time, the team members we worked with from 3R did a thoughtful and thorough job of gathering information about the role(s), opportunity and hiring team before approaching any candidates. They really did not leave anything to chance and did a great job as our representatives in the market. We've been very happy with them and call on them routinely for our hiring needs”.

Global Head of Human Resources, US Law Firm.

"The service, attention, proactive follow up and the quality of candidates we get from 3R speaks very well of them. I have had no hesitation in recommending them to my management colleagues for their own hiring needs. Their experiences have been equally good”.

Chief Compliance Officer, Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund, London

"I work with 3R on a regular basis. I like that they know our business well and will regularly put an opportunistic call into me to introduce senior legal talent they feel could add value to our business”.

Senior Partner, US Law Firm

"3R is a quality firm and with a successful record of bringing us best in class lawyers”

Managing Principal, Law Firm, Cayman Islands

“3R is very responsive. I have always hired great candidates through them.”

Recruiting Manager, Compliance, UK Wealth Manager.

“I find the team at 3R professional and productive with a very good understanding of the market. Most of all, I can rely on them to be honest and tell me if something is just not going to happen.It saves all of us time and stress”

Recruiting Manager, Law Firm, Jersey.

"Working with 3R makes my job considerably easier.”

HR Business Partner, Legal, Global Asset Manager

“ I will always meet with or speak to a candidate introduced by 3R because I know he or she will have at least 90% of what I am looking for. That is a testament to 3R’s diligence and network”

General Counsel, Equities, US Asset Manager.

"The feedback I have had from many of our HR team and line managers is that 3R consistently brings us a very high standard of talent. That is what we expect from our outside hiring partners"

Chief People Officer, Global Asset Manager   

"It can sometimes sound like a cliche, but the quality of our business is as good as the quality of our people. We are in the business of providing our clients with the best intelligent legal solutions to their most important problems. This means that we are always in the market for personable brilliant legal minds. It is not always easy to find both together. 3R does a good job of consistently bringing us folk who enjoy both traits" 

Global Head of Recruiting, US Law Firm